Marshall jvm1c схема

Tubes: 3x 12AX7 (pre-amp) and 4x EL84 (output). Photograph of a JMP 2959 from 1980. Note the JCM800 style switches. The fact that you can tweak the mids range, which is missing on the AC30, makes the clean channel very versatile. Правда, в нем есть и заводская недоработка,которая до сих пор не во всех моделяих исправлена: каналы переключаются с футсвича с задержкой. Также, многие усики подсвечиваются диодами изнутри — мелочь, но такая офигительная! The V22 combo sounds very much like an AC30 with a powerful clean channel and that British, late 60s drive channel.

All models also feature power scaling. An excellent, and more affordable, choice if you want the classic Hiwatt tone.Output: 20W (10w ps). Bugera V22Bugera’s Vintage series offers a wide range of models with a classic tube tone that’s affordable for most budgets. – The amp’s ability to maintain its character at even the lowest volume levels.
These cabinets were fitted with 2 «Celestion-Marshall» 15″ speakers. 1984A JCM800, Bass 4×12″ 400W angled front cabinet. The clean channel with pedals sounds fizzy and thin.Output: 18w (1w and 5w scaling)Tubes: 2x 12AX7 (pre-amp) and 2x EL84 (output)Speaker: extension cab sold separately. Controls: clean volume, gain volume, master, bass, middle, treble, master, presence, reverb, channel switcher, mid boost feature. The (JCM800) Artist amps The Artist amps had a tube power amp and a solid state preamp. Звук можно назвать разноплановым. В одной коробке затаилось великое множество чистых, слегка подруженных кранчей и разных дисторшн саундов. Несмотря на легкую размытость, он обладает великолепным органичным звуком.

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